Nantwich software company develops new tool to steer driver care

Thu 25th July 2019 10.39AM

Nantwich software company develops new tool to steer driver care
A NANTWICH software company has launched a pioneering tool designed to help businesses ensure their drivers and vehicle fleet remain on the right side of the law.

MEO-Business on Hospital Street says its unique DriverCare software will save firms 'time and money' whilst staying on top of driving licence checks, MOTs, vehicle tax and insurance.

With most accidents at work taking place while driving, it's vital that businesses are fully compliant with the law to make sure employees are safe and eligible to drive, as well as avoiding potentially crippling legal costs.

MEO-Business managing director Richard Coope said: "DriverCare is a fantastic tool. Essentially it's for small to medium size businesses to help keep drivers safe and legal with automated vehicle checks and driver risk management.

"It can check that driving licences are valid and when MOTs, tax and insurance are due to expire. Rather than spending on correcting problems, DriverCare helps prevent them.

“It's very simple to use and once set up it automatically does everything for you. You basically let the software do the work rather than manually checking so it will save businesses time and money.

"Our product is best suited for HR and health and safety managers, or anyone that wants peace of mind knowing they have done everything they can to be compliant."

DriverCare uses a highly secure web-based portal with a direct link to the DVLA to ensure accurate vehicle details, tax and MOT status, and licence validation.

Mr Coope said: “We provide a demonstration via Microsoft Teams, which provides a step-by-step guide on how to use the software. We wanted to make it as simple as possible for employees to provide all the relevant information to ensure the company remains compliant.”

Father-of-two Mr Coope founded MEO-Business, previously Point Progress, in January 2000 having worked as a technical consultant for SAGE.

To date his core business has been MyExpensesOnline, a cloud-based system helping people record their expenses via a mobile phone APP.

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