Altrincham family firm W.F. Denny celebrates centenary

Fri 31st May 2019 3.34PM

Altrincham family firm W.F. Denny celebrates centenary
Altrincham family firm W.F. Denny, is celebrating 100 years of business supplying packaging and partyware and around the UK and overseas.

Launched by a former soldier William Fowler Denny when he returned from fighting in World War I in 1919, the company has survived a bombing during the 1940s Blitz and the Manchester slum clearances in the 1960s.

It was taken over by Mr Denny’s nephew, Mr Dale in 1964 and is now run by father and daughter team John and Kirsty Haken, supplying direct to retail and consumers.

As it marks its centenary in 2019, the firm is highlighting it’s eco-friendly packaging, with a new e-commerce platform that showcases the expanding range of biodegradable partyware and packaging.

John Haken, director at W.F. Denny, says: “We’re proud to have been a part of Manchester’s rich history and have seen the city develop from factories and mills to the technology hub that the city is today.

“We have moved from inkwells, paper and horse-and-cart delivery to online trading, EPOS and UK wide distribution. But in essence, W.F. Denny remains a family firm working in unison with our customers to offer the best service and products possible. We have taken these learnings from the last 100 years and put them into our eco-focussed strategy that will hopefully mean we are still part of Manchester’s economy for the next 100 years.”

Biodegradable and compostable packaging are the firm’s fastest growing sectors, thanks to new techniques that combine decades-old manufacturing processes with modern advances.

John says: “The food industry dropped paper bags and moved to plastics for price reasons, and now customer demand dictates that they go back to paper. The fast food industry is sensitive to customer demand and we’re happy to cater to this with our new products and dedicated website

“While we are using traditional products, we have made sure our technology is market-leading and the new website uses features from Magento 2 to give online customers the best possible user experience. We also continue to welcome customers to our physical store in Altrincham, so we can cater to both online and offline demand. This approach explains why our repeat business is high at 65%, with some of our customers being with us for more than three decades.”