Career Speaker Required

Tue 29th January 2019 4.12PM

Career Speaker Required
Dr Parent/Carer

Careers Convention - 12 March 2019 6:00pm - 8:00pm

Our 2019 Careers Convention is on 12th March 6:00 - 8:00pm. The evening will take on a 'market place' feel, where various industries and careers will be on hand throughout the evening to answer questions on a one-to-one basis. Additionally, there will be various presentations through the evening, in the lecture theatre and in some learning areas.

If any parent/carer would like to contribute as a speaker regarding a career, profession/job or have any contacts, friends, or family who you think would like to participate, please do let us know. A free buffet is available for all participants prior to commencement of the evening and your assistance would be much appreciated.

Please get in touch as soon as possible with Mrs Coultas

A separate email will follow inviting students, family and friends to the evening itself.

Thank you for your consideration.