Hartford animal hospital saves cat

Thu 10th January 2019 1.55PM

Hartford animal hospital saves cat
VETS have saved the life of a cat who suffered horrific injuries after being hit by a train.

Skye, a 16-month-old British shorthair, managed to make her way home scaling a six foot fence with her tail hanging off and half her front leg missing following her brush with death.

Owner, Debbie Hein who lives near a train track in Northwich, became worried when Skye didn’t come home one night.

After staying up, she was devastated to see her limp in at 4am with dreadful injuries. Vets decided to remove what remained of her leg and tail.

Vet Lorna Patelaros said: “We tend to see a lot of broken legs in animals involved in road accidents and most of them, we can put back together, but as half the leg was missing, there was nothing to mend.

"The owner reported that her garden backs onto a train line and we think that may have been what caused it in some way.”

Although the much-loved feline has lost one of her nine lives, she is doing well. "Cats do cope very well on three legs. She's getting about and seems perfectly happy,” added Lorna.

The state-of-the-art animal hospital in Hartford operates a 24/7 emergency service.

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