Curtain up on the theatre

Mon 24th December 2018 10.47AM

YOU’RE never too young to love the theatre according to South Manchester educational acting company Artful Playground.
They played to pupils aged from three to seven at Greenbank Preparatory School in Cheadle Hulme introducing them to music, dance and drama with a colourful interactive celebration.
Created by actor, writer and director Susanna Lloyd and featuring distinguished character actor Sarah Groarke and talented composer Rebekah Hughes, the story focuses on young Quentin’s struggle to find his own voice.
Greenbank Year One teacher Sarah Kopnick said: “There are so many different aspects to Artful Playground’s production as it fuses music, dance and drama all so excitingly portrayed by these top-quality professionals.
“At Greenbank we feel our children are never too young to be challenged and by introducing them to a live theatrical production at such an early age we are instilling a passion for life.”
She added: “You should have seen the children’s faces. They simply lit up from the entrance to finale.”