Pride of Britain

Wed 21st November 2018 10.56AM

Pride of Britain
Courage of local boys celebrated at TV awards

TWO brave Cheshire boys were honoured with Pride of Britain awards at a ceremony watched by millions of TV viewers.
Winsford’s Max Johnson, 10, and Nantwich’s Joe Rowlands, 14, each stepped into the spotlight for their awe-inspiring courage in very different circumstances.
Heart transplant patient Max earned the Child of Courage award after being instrumental in changing the law on organ donation, potentially saving up to 700 lives a year.
Max was nine when he was diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy. Doctors implanted an electric pump to keep him alive in the short term, but told his parents he would die without a transplant.
He spent six months in hospital on the waiting list, and it was during this time that he called on politicians to change the law to an opt-out system, which means consent to donate organs is presumed.
Last month Prime Minister Theresa May declared Max’s Law will be on the statute books by 2020. She told him: “When I read your inspirational story, I knew I had to act to change the organ donation rules. While it will have to have a bit of a boring title when it goes through Parliament, I and my Government will call it Max’s Law.”
Joe earned the Teenager of Courage award for his courageous rescue of his dad in a dramatic sea kayaking incident.
In February, Joe and his dad Paul took their kayak out for a paddle off the Anglesey coastline. They were about a mile from shore when they got into difficulties and capsized.
Paul realised their best chance of survival was to abandon the kayak and swim for it.
Joe reached safety first and clambered onto the rocks but after so long in the water his exhausted dad contracted hypothermia and passed out.
Risking his own life Joe dived back into the sea, swam to his dad and dragged him to safety where despite bleeding heavily from badly cut feet, he performed CPR until he came around and then kept him alive until the RNLI arrived two hours later.
The pair were honoured at the prestigious Daily Mirror Pride of Britain Awards celebrating the amazing achievements of people up nationwide.
Hosted by Carol Vorderman, celebrities and public figures including Prince Charles, David Beckham, Simon Cowell, Ellie Goulding, Michael Sheen and Amanda Holden were part of the night.
Carol said: “I never fail to be humbled by those who have often turned a tragedy into something pretty magnificent.”