Playgrounds go smoke free to save children

Tue 3rd May 2016 9.56AM

Playgrounds go smoke free to save children
SMOKERS have urged not to light up in Mid Cheshire playgrounds.

Cheshire West and Chester Council has introduced a voluntary no smoking code called Play Smokefree to all of its public playgrounds to deter children from taking up smoking.

Cllr Louise Gittins, Cabinet Member for Culture, Leisure and Wellbeing said: “Smoking in children’s play areas can be a fairly common practice among teenagers and adults, and as such can be perceived by youngsters as a normal activity.

“A child who smokes just one cigarette doubles their chances of becoming a regular smoker by the age of 17. We want to use this voluntary code to de-normalise smoking in areas where children play and learn.

“This is a voluntary code but we are confident from the feedback we have had via our survey that people welcome the idea. It is really important that we do what we can to try to reduce the number of children taking up a habit that could ultimately kill them.”

The council covers more than 120 play areas including those in the Northwich area.
Park rangers and wardens will promote the code with play area visitors, and colourful Play Smokefree signs, which have been designed by local children, are on display to remind people not to light up.