Get ship-shape for the Nunsmere Triathlon

Mon 17th June 2013 1.41PM

TRIATHLON organisers have teamed up with a gym to help entrants get super-fit for the event. The inaugural 2013 Nunsmere Triathlon, taking place on August 17, is backed by BTB Fitness Academy in Winsford. A spokesman said: “Triathlons can be a daunting undertaking. Swimming 400m in open water, where your feet don’t touch the bottom and with no sides to hold onto, can be challenging enough. But follow this by jumping on your bike to ride 27km, then adding a 5km run and you could be facing a real test.” BTB will provide warm up and cool down at the event. It is also helping with promotion and pre-training for entrants. He added: “Meres in Cheshire have a long history of open water swimming. A century ago, there were hundreds of outdoor swimming clubs. This ‘lido’culture declined after the 2nd World War with the rise of the municipal pool. “However, recently there has been a revival and steady increase in venues for open water swimming. The Nunsmere Triathlon is the perfect opportunity for a fresh challenge and to take the plunge into a new and upcoming sport.” Taking up the challenge of the Nunsmere Triathlon will also support a worthy cause. A slice of all entry fees are donated to East Cheshire Hospice. Find out more at www.nunsmere